China Tourist Visa(L)

General Documents

1.Passport (The remaining validity must be more than 6 months with at least 2 blank visa pages)
*If the previous multi-year multi-entry visa is on the old passport, the old passport is required to be submitted.
2.Photocopy of the bio-page of the passport
3.COVA Visa Form. Please log on to to fill out the form online
4.Photocopy of the latest Chinese visa or the Chinese residence permit

5.Proof of Residence (e.g. , driver’s license, utility bill, bank bill)

6.Where You Stay Form

Where You Stay Form

7.If the applicant is a foreigner in the US, they need to provide a photocopy of green card, visa, I20, or I94 to prove their legal residence in the US.

8.If the applicant was of Chinese nationality, this application is the first Chinese visa application after naturalization in a foreign country, please provide 2 photocopies of the bio-page of the Chinese passport and a photocopy of naturalization certificate. In addition, the last physical Chinese passport is needed for the visa application.

9.If the applicant’s name has been changed, and it is the first time to apply for a Chinese visa after the name change, a photocopy of the name change document is required.

10. For the visa application by a minor of Chinese origin born in the US, please follow the guidance.

Basic Documents

Round-trip air tickets and hotel orders (name and personal information of the applicant must be included); 

Or invitation letters issued by a relevant entity (e.g. Travel agency) or individual inside China (Photocopies of Chinese ID (front and back) of the inviting individual must be included)

Important Tips for online COVA visa form filling

(1)Please carefully read the prompts and requirements of the COVA form system, and complete the entries of the visa application COVA online form step by step, making sure that the information is true, accurate and complete. Please note: Once the application form has been submitted, it cannot be modified in any way.

(2)The”location”option forsubmitting the visa application should be in line with the consular jurisdiciton.

(3)  Basic personal information. Surname, given names, gender, date of birth, nationality, passport number, passport type, etc. must be exactly the same as those on the passport information page, otherwise your visa application will be returned.

(4)   If you were born in China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), please note:

  1. Application form 1.1E The native language name must be entered in Chinese with the Chinese character input method, please do not fill in “Chinese”, “Chinese”, etc.
  2. In the application form 1.6G, select “Yes” for “former nationality”, and then select the nationality information.
  3. Item 1.6H of the application form is required. If the applicant is applying for a Chinese visa for the first time, this entry will be automatically generated during the form filling process; but if the applicant has previously applied for a Chinese visa, this entry will not be displayed when filling in the online form, and the form must be printed out and supplemented by hand-written Chinese name and other information. This Item cannot be empty.

(5)   Completely fill in the work experience and educational background

  1. Please fill in the complete work experience after graduation from school.
  2. The “position” and “duty” of the application form 3.3D and 3.3E must be filled in completely.
  3. Please fill in the complete learning experience since high school in 4.2, and the diploma/degree and major in 4.2C and 4.2D must be completed.

(6)  Completely fill in each address

The address of the spouse in 5.5A of the application form, and the addresses of the parents in 5.5B and 5.5C must fill in the address of the current location, not the address of the place of birth. The address must be filled in completely, including street, city, state, and country.

(7)  If you choose “not applicable” for any entry in the form, you need to state the reason for “not applicable”.

(8)  Printing and signing. After completing the COVA online form filling, you must print out a full set of application forms, including the “Confirmation of Online Visa application” and “Visa Application Form of the People’s Republic of China” (depending on the individual filling situation, a total of 9 to 10 pages will be generated). All the pages of the forms must be printed to turn in, the signature and date on the Confirmation Page and the 8th page of Visa Application Form of the People’s Republic of China must be handwritten by the applicant him/herself. Visa applicant under the age of 18 is signed by their guardian, and meanwhile add a handwritten signature in the “For person filling in the application on the applicant’s behalf”.

(9)  Fellow traveler must fill in No, otherwise the visa fee will be charged by the embassy system.

(10)  The remaining validity period of the multi-year multiple-visa passport shall be more than 1 year.

Sample file content

1.a new 10-year visa for a valid visa statement .

I have been informed that my original 10-year visa has been reinstated.

I (what reason…) I am willing to bear the cost of applying for a new 10-year visa.



Note: Handwritten content, handwritten signature, the original should be sent


2.Annex 3 Contents of M,F and L Visa Invitation Letter

(1) Personal information of the invitee: name, gender, date of birth, passport number, etc.

(2) Information about the invitee’s visit to China: reason for coming to China, date of arrival and departure, place of visit, relationship with the inviting unit or inviter, who will pay for the travel, etc.

(3) Inviting party information: inviting party name, address, telephone number, official seal, legal representative or inviter’s signature, date, etc. (the information must be included in the text of the invitation letter

Processing Fees and Shipping FeeClick Here for details.

Method of Payment

  • Money Order
  • cashier’s check
  • Personal Check (for standard processing only)
  • Company Check
  • Paypal

Paypal payment is subject to an additional transaction fee: $1.00 for amount <= $20, and 3.5-5% for amount $20-$60,3.5% for amount >= $60, whichever is greater.

For rush service and express service, we do not accept personal check payments. Make money order or cashier’s check payable to Laroz International Business, Inc.

Ship Materials listed above to our office

Collect required documents and send it to our office via any of traceable mailing services. When your visa has been approved, we mail the passport with the visa back to you right away.

Please send these materials to the designated mailing address in the mail which we will send it to you after you submit online application.

Our Service Area

We currently only accept those with home address OR work address in their jurisdictions respectively.

DC Embassy: DC, DE, ID, KY, MD, MT, NC, ND, NE, SC, SD, TN, UT, VA, WV, WY;

Houston Consulate: AL, AR, FL, GA, LA, MS, OK, TX and PR

New York Consulate: OH,PA,NY,NJ,ME,VT,RI,CT,MA,NH

Chicago Consulate: CO,KS,MO,IA,MN,WI,IL,MI,IN

San Francisco Consulate: AK,WA,OR,NV, North CA

Los Angeles Consulate: AZ,NM,HI,South CA,VI


If necessary, the consular officer may require the applicant to provide other proof documents or supplementary materials, or require an interview with the applicant.

The consular officer will decide on whether or not to issue the visa and on its validity, duration of stay and number of entries in light of specific conditions of the applicant.

Note: Whether the visa will be approved or not and  the number of entries on your application is made by Chinese Embassy or the Consulates General. Please be advised that there is a possibility that your application would be denied and the number of entries would be changed.If your application is denied, we will refund the consular fee to you, the service fee will not be refunded.