Form Download and Instructions

Visa Application Form download and instructions

1. Visa Application Form  [quote from the Chinese Embassy website ] needed by all applicants.

Please fill out the form truthfully, completely and clearly on the computer and use either an inkjet or laser printer to print the completed form. Handwritten forms will no longer be accepted after September 1. Improperly completed forms may delay the processing of the visa application.

2. Supplementary Visa Application Form [quote from the Chinese Embassy website ] needed only for work visa, student visa, or non-US passport holders


Forms may NOT be filled by hand with a pen, all fields must either be filled on a computer and printed, or typed using a type writer, the only exception is signature/date.

  • Please use only CAPITAL (upper case) letters — even a single lower case letter may cause your application returned!
  • No changes/writings in the fields by hand is allowed. Don’t take a chance. The only exceptions are signatures and dates in sections 6.2 or 7.7 and Chinese name in section 1.3.

Document authentication application form and instructions


  • Section 1: for personal/individual applications only. Please fill out top portion of section 1, do not fill out the agent part of section 1 (leave them blank). Please also skip section 2.
  • Section 2: for business applications only. Fill this section in full, and leave section 1 blank. The “agent” in section 2 should be the applicant, usually the president/CEO, or anyone who can sign for the organization/business. In the “Relationship”, put your job title, e.g. CEO, vice president, CFO, Director.
  • Section 3: all applicants need to fill out. Lists the documents you want to authenticate.
  • Section 4: all applicants need to fill out. Write down what you intend to use the document for in China, e.g. setup business, open bank account, buy/sell property, apply for resident permit.
  • Section 5: skip, we will fill out for you.
  • Section 6: please sign and put the date.


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