Permanent Resident Visa(D)

1.Your Passport And Photocopy Of Your Passport

Your actual passport, which must have at least 8 months of validity remaining and one blank visa page. And the copy of the photo page and extension page (if you have) of your passport.

  • Non-US passport holders shall provide valid long term US visa or green card that entitle them to reside or work for an extended period of time in the US. If you are not able to submit the original Green Card, a notarized copy of Green Card could be accepted.
  • First time applicants who were former Chinese citizens must submit the original Chinese passport if that Chinese passport has not been cut off on one corner by the Chinese consulate.  This original passport  will be returned upon completion of the visa application, with one corner cut off  by the Chinese Consulate. If the Chinese passport has been cut,  please send in a copy of the cut passport with the “CANCEL” mark for proof.
  • Children of Chinese origin but born outside of China,17 and under, must provide BOTH original and copy of their birth certification; original and copy of BOTH parents’ passports and green card when applying for visa.
  • Chinese Americans who were previously issued Chinese visas and have changed their US passports must submit a copy of their old Chinese visas in their old US passports.
  • If you have obtained Chinese visas before and want to apply for a Chinese visa with a renewed foreign passport that does not contain any Chinese visa, you should present the photocopy of the previous passport’s data page and the photo page if it is separate, as well as the previous Chinese visa page.
  • If your name on the current passport differs from that on the previous one, you must provide an official document of name change.

2. China Visa Application Form

One completed China Visa Application Form. Signature is required on the application in the last page.

Please fill out the form truthfully, completely and clearly on the computer and use either an inkjet or laser printer to print the completed form. Handwritten forms will no longer be accepted after September 1. Improperly completed forms may delay the processing of the visa application.

3. Photo

One color 2×2 photo, with a plain background, taken by a professional passport photo service, such as Walgreen, CVS, Kinkos, etc. Photos printed on regular papers are not accepted.

4.Proof of Residency (For Houston Consulate only)

If you live in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Texas,You must provide a copy of your driver’s license, state issued ID card, or utility bill showing your home address. Under-aged applicants who do not have a Driver’s License can submit parent’s driver’s license instead, along with a copy of the birth certificate.

5.The original and photocopy of the Confirmation Form 

The original and photocopy of the Confirmation Form for Foreigners Permanent Residence Status issued by the Ministry of Public Security of China.

We kindly remind you that:

Holders of D Visa shall, within 30 days from the date of their entry, apply to the exit/entry administrations of public security organs under local people’s governments at or above the county level in the proposed places of residence for foreigners’ residence permits.

6.Apply Online

Apply online and follow the steps to fill out the Laroz Visa order form.Then print it out and enclose it in the mail.

7.Processing Fees and Shipping Fee

Click Here for details.

8.Method of Payment

  • Money Order
  • cashier’s check
  • Personal Check (for standard processing only)
  • Company Check
  • Paypal

Paypal payment is subject to an additional transaction fee: $1.00 for amount <= $20, and 3.5-5% for amount $20-$60,3.5% for amount >= $60, whichever is greater.

For rush service and express service, we do not accept personal check payments. Make money order or cashier’s check payable to Laroz International Business Inc.

9. Ship Materials listed above to our office

Collect required documents and send it to our office via any of traceable mailing services. When your visa has been approved, we mail the passport with the visa back to you right away.

Please send these materials to the designated mailing address in the mail which we will send it to you after you submit online application.

10. Our Service Area

We currently only accept those with home address OR work address in their jurisdictions respectively.

DC Embassy: DC, DE, ID, KY, MD, MT, NC, ND, NE, SC, SD, TN, UT, VA, WV, WY;

Houston Consulate: AL, AR, FL, GA, LA, MS, OK, TX and PR

New York Consulate: OH,PA,NY,NJ,ME,VT,RI,CT,MA,NH

Chicago Consulate: CO, KS, MO, IA, MN, WI, IL, MI, IN

San Francisco Consulate: AK, WA, OR, NV,  North CA

Los Angeles Consulate: AZ, NM, HI, South CA, VI


If necessary, the consular officer may require the applicant to provide other proof documents or supplementary materials, or require an interview with the applicant.

The consular officer will decide on whether or not to issue the visa and on its validity, duration of stay and number of entries in light of specific conditions of the applicant.

Note: Whether the visa will be approved or not and  the number of entries on your application is made by Chinese Embassy or the Consulates General. Please be advised that there is a possibility that your application would be denied and the number of entries would be changed.If your application is denied, we will refund the consular fee to you, the service fee will not be refunded.


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