Express FBI No Criminal Record Report

 Express FBI No Criminal Record Report: Processing time and check list

The processing time for Express services for FBI No Criminal Record Report is 3 business days.

 Document Check list:

  1. Two copies of fingerprinted FD-258 Form (with personal info part must be completely filled and must have Social Security number)
  2. Form I-738
  3. Power of attorney (we would provide a sample)

Express processing time and fees:

Express: $180 (5 business days)

Rush: $230 (2-3 business days)

If the FBI No Criminal Record Report is used in P.R. China, the 2 -steps authentication, U.S. Department of State and China Embassy, will be needed.

The documents needed to process the FBI No Criminal Record Report for U.S. Department of State and China Embassy authentications.

 Document Check List:

  1. The original copy of the FBI No Criminal Record Report
  2. Photocopy of applicant’s passport info page
  3. Authentication application

Service fee: $143/ document (Laroz service fee+ government fee)

Processing time: 2-4 weeks (the normal processing time is within 2 weeks; however, there is a contraction in progress in the Chinese Embassy recently, the processing time will be delayed)

China return mailing fee: Fedex International $75

Please send the materials and check to the following address:

Laroz International Business

620 Hungerford Drive, Suite 11, Rockville, MD 20850

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